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Energy procurement

Through continual development, we have devised a specialised energy bulk tender. Also known as bulk energy procurement, brokering, or sourcing, it is a process by which we group the energy needs of New Zealand businesses together and negotiate a contract to purchase a significant amount of electricity and gas.

There are up to twenty power companies we engage with, and they compete to earn your business. This approach allows for economies of scale, enabling us to secure better pricing and terms from energy suppliers.

Our energy experts review and reconfigure your meter to ensure you purchase electricity most cost-effectively for your specific consumption patterns. Our transparent and in-depth pricing analysis and reporting will save you time and money, guaranteeing you the most favourable terms and prices. The framework we have designed ensures minimal time for our busy customers, allowing you to focus on your business.

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How it works

Submit your bill online.

Use our online form to upload and send us your latest power bill.

We begin our negotiations.

We negotiate with all power companies to find you the lowest rate available.

Compare the differences.

We’ll send you a report showing your current rates vs recommended options.

Make the switch.

Instruct us to make the switch, and we will take care of the rest.

Ongoing support.

We will continue to work throughout your contract term to ensure you keep saving.


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