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Saving on energy made easy

We have a dedicated team across New Zealand to help you save on energy costs. We ensure you are paying the lowest rate for energy available in the market. We work with you throughout your energy contract to help you save on energy costs with globally recognised technology to increase efficiencies and meet your carbon footprint goals.

Sustainability, saving money and reporting is the foundation of what we do. Our services are created specifically for your business needs and are based on in-depth market knowledge, all with your business as front of mind to ensure the best result is achieved.

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Energy procurement: electricity and gas

We’re in touch with around twenty power companies, each vying to win your business. This strategy taps into the benefits of scale, giving us the upper hand to negotiate improved rates and terms with energy suppliers.
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Reporting and insights: a new benchmark

We’ve joined forces with a global powerhouse in energy technology. They’re overseeing a whopping 530,000 meters and a staggering $8.7 billion in energy expenses across six countries.
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Solar Solutions: putting the power in your hands

Tapping into the sun’s energy, all in a completely renewable manner presents a smart avenue for Kiwi businesses to trim down their electricity expenses while making a solid dent in their carbon footprint.
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